Monday, January 31, 2011

An Ebay Success Story

So a week or so ago I found some new H!P Winter 2011 pictures on Ebay for sale.  They all started around a dollar, so I thought to myself, "hey, what a great deal!"  It was then when I decided to bid on all the members that I wanted (even though I forgot some).

Well, this is what it eventually turned into:

After adding up the total, I noticed that I was going to be spending around $13 bucks for 8 L sized pictures.  After I placed all the bids, I realized that I could buy the same pictures off of HSU for less.

Lucky for me, I completely forgot that I even placed bids on these items, which turned into this in about 20 minutes:

I was even considering bidding again on a few pictures, but then once again, completely forgot to.  Oh well!
(in the meantime, i was also outbid on Aika)

I went to HSU (30 minutes ago) and decided to buy these photosets from their store.  I was happy to find out that I could buy the Momusu (5), Berryz (7), and C-ute (5); 17 pictures for $20 total.  So I did.

Oh yeah.  After like almost 2 weeks, I got something in the mail from ebay:
 (i have the real picture, just didn't feel like taking a shot and uploading it)

Lol yaaay, now I have an extra Maasa.  GO MAASA.

I hope you enjoyed my little story.  The End.


  1. oh lol Raffiko xD
    Extra Maasa pic FTW x)

  2. Ladies in red! You can't go wrong there! lol

  3. wow Chissa and Kumai xD

    I love your Maasa´s pic

  4. Haha thanks guys. Yeah I really like them in all red dresses. Now that I have my Maasa pic, I can't wait to get the other ones (even though maasa is gonna be lonely for about 2 months) lol

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