Monday, January 24, 2011

Overnight Surprises

Okay, so literally overnight, I find out a bunch of new H!P related things.  I'm pretty sure you guys know most of this already, but yeah...i'm a little slow today, seeing as i'm back in school *sobsob*



1. Morning Musume Spring 2011 Titled - New Genesis Fantasy DX ~ Welcome 9th Generation Members ~

Title sounds really cool, but rather long.  "Rival Survival" was so rockin' and easy to remember.  It was also easy to search for concert goods!  New Genesis Fantasy DX Welcome 9th Generation Members is a mouthful.  It sounds promising though, seeing as "fantasy" makes it sound like they're going to sing Fantasy11 songs.  Let's just wait and see what happens hmm?

2. Okai Chisato 2nd HelloCover is Romantic Ukare Mode

I've always been a fan of Miki's Romantic Ukare Mode, so it was refreshing to hear Chissa sing it.  She did really well.

3. Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert is gonna release 2 different DVD's

There is going to be an A and a B version of the concert released, each with different setlists.  [A] will have all the regular setlists, while [B] will have a bunch of full length (i think) solo songs sung buy various members which I certainly look forward to seeing!

4. Buono's Zassou no Uta PV has been released:

I'm still getting used to this song, seeing as it is so different from anything else Buono! or even H!P has produced lately.  It has a different feel to it.  I like it so far~

5. Berryz Kobo 7th Album Announced / USA Release

Berryz Kobo is releasing their 7th album on March 30th.  This should be interesting seeing that it is going to be right before their trip to Seattle, so I wonder how much of an influence that this album is going to have on their first live USA performance?

6. Takahashi Ai starring in a play called "Dance of the Vampire"

Dunno, sounds pretty random, but i'd love to see Aichan in a sexy vampire costume!

7. Yaguchi Mari had designed and is the voice actor for a new Digimon called 'Panbachimon'

Oh Marippe~ the lulz never stop with you do they ^o^


  1. h!p winter concert is going to be 2 dvd's isnt that what they did in fankora?
    mari designed and voiced the sleepy panda XD

  2. ^
    Yeah it's the same they did with Fankora. I guess they're making that a habit now to make more money I guess XD

    And LOL I googled panbachimon and got a bunch of pics of a sleepy panda haha

  3. haha Wow Buono are like the squeakest clean mechanics I've ever seen! Even with play acting for a PV you still normally at least see some oil smudges on their faces for charm. haha Oh well..
    I think the song will grow on all of us, it does have a nice sound to it, just different, like you said. ^^

  4. extra money dont harm as long the make good mv and songs with the money the steal from ppl.