Monday, September 5, 2011

Thoughts on Momusu's Latest PV's

I just wanted to give my thoughts on the two PV's for Morning Musume's 47th single double A-side's: Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.


Lets start off with the first one, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo.  Man that's a mouthful.  I don't think i'll ever learn to say the whole thing in one shot...let alone write it out.  There were some parts that I like a lot, and some parts (that might be Aika biased) that I didn't like either.  For starters, the song is really great.  I love the opening of it; the way the PV started off was one of my favorite parts.

Outfits: The outfits were overall great, although I didn't really like Ai's.  She looked like a really expensive Cleopatra cosplay or something.  It didn't work well, but that's just my opinion.  The tiara seemed appropriate, since, you know, she's like leader and all, but it made the outfit look tacky.  I feel that Sayumi rocked her outfit the most.  She looked flawless.  Everything about her was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.  Riho and Erina looked really nice as well, and I liked the way both of their hair was done up so nicely.  I wasn't a fan of Risa's updo at all.  It didn't suit my preference.  Reina and her bow are just getting old, and it's been seen countless times.  Moving on~

Dance: The dance seemed like a very half-assed disco that the girls learned an hour before they filmed the PV.  I didn't find anything special about it, and none of it looked in synch.  I didn't like it at all really.

Stage: The opening of the PV was creative, with the whole walking into space or whatever.  The dance shot looked like it took place on Mario Kart's Rainbow Road, as i've heard many previous people mention before me.  It wasn't anything special.  I liked the close up stage much better.  The purple and starry theme looked great, and the girls looked good in front of it.

Dislikes: It may sound biased, but I thought the PV was rather...unfair towards Aika.  Because of her injury, she wasn't able to dance...or even stand.  I bet it made shooting both PV's extremely difficult.  It must have made Aika feel like such a burden on the others.  What I noticed was that for a PV with one member missing from the dance shot, they sure used the dance shot version for majority of the PV.  It was almost as if Aika wasn't even in Momusu.  I didn't like that at all.


Whew.  Moving on to Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.  Another mouthful.  What happened to the simpler titles like ONLY YOU?  So much easier to remember!  Anyways, I liked this PV a lot.  It was great to see Sayumi get a chance to be the lead.  The song itself is upbeat and enthusiastic.  I thought the PV as a whole was great.  The costumes were ridiculous, and the animations were off the walls crazy.  It's wonderful.

Outfits: Oh boy.  I don't really know what to think of these outfits. I mentioned it before, but it looks like the girls were dressed by a blind pre-school teacher.  I think Reina's is the only outfit I find mildly acceptable. Risa has WAY too much makeup on, and she looks like an old lady.  All four kyuukies and Aika look like perschoolers, and Sayumi looks like their teacher.  I like Aichan's red outfit, but I don't like her hat.

Dance: Is there even a dance?  I honestly didn't see one in the PV.  Maybe it's going to be another 'Aitai Lonely Christmas' type of thing, and have a completely unnecessary dance shot version on the side later.  Either way, the 'dance' portion I suppose was their march or whatever.  It was cute.  Even though Aika, Fuku, and Erina sitting on clouds half the time.  The other times, Aika was sitting on a chair, faux-marching.  At certain points you can even see that she's sitting on a stool lol.  Come on.

Stage: There's so much going on that I can't even think of one set place that they stood.  Everyone's background was different, which I guess is cool, because it gives them some more originality.  I liked all the insane images and random parts that they used.  It added to the fun of the PV.

Dislikes: There isn't much that I dislike about this PV.  The outfits are bizarre, but I don't dislike them really. Maybe the worst thing about it is the chapstick that came to life and applied itself to a sleeping Sayumi.  Awkward much? lol


  1. I prefer the 1st one better >w< the 2nd one is just....too random! xD

  2. I liked the second A-side more then the first!