Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Almost Time

So i'm sure we are all familiar with the fact that it's the last week of Ai-chan's graudation, but the biggest moments are yet to come.  Tomorrow (9/28), the 10 generation Morning Musume audition winners will be revealed.  And then on the 30th, Aichan will officially graduate, passing on the title Morning Musume to Niigaki Risa.

Tomorrow is a big day, seeing as the line-up for Morning Musume will once again change.  I wonder how many new members will be added?  How many would you like to see?

In other Ai-chan related news, here's a clip of her Memorial DVD:

It's rather hard to watch, because you can tell how emotional Aichan gets while speaking.  Risa also shows up towards the middle of the video and surprises her, which induces a rather interesting reaction from Aichan.  In midst of their discussion, Risa has a graduation message from Ogawa Makoto especially for her. It's going to be an emotional couple of days for all of us.

On a goods related note, the new goods for Aichans concert look pretty awesome.  The entire list of goods can be found here, from their official website.  Some noteworthy goods are (in my opinion are the shirts and towels) are nice enough to pick up.  I'm definitely getting some.  Are you?


  1. Awwww...I didn't know Airi was that close to Aichan...SO SAD!!!!

  2. I don't why but I just knew that Ai-chan was gonna hit Risa! And of course Risa gave the perfect over-reaction to it all. XD They're so cute together, talking in korean towards the end and all. heh

    I'll be happy with any of the 10th gen finalist but I'd totally love to see Masaki, Sara, Haruka, and Ayumi join as new members for sure. ^^

    Its so sad to see Ai-chan go, though. I wish her the best of luck on her new adventures! ♥

  3. I can't watch the video yet~~ I think I'll cry (;__;)

    I ordered Reina's shirt, fan and photo sets~ I'd also like to buy some another shirt (Risa or Ai) and all photo sets but I don't have enough money now.

  4. Airi made me tear up so bad. I promised myself i wouldnt get sad about this graduation either >.<

  5. It was really touching to see how emotional Airi was when talking to Aichan. It's going to be rough for her the next few days. Ai was so surprised that Risa showed up that she hit her! That was so random xD

  6. I bought that black t-shirt 'cuz it's too hard to choose one favourite color ^ ^'

    But I want to see more than three member but still only two member sounds cool. I don't know x3

  7. Oh and Raffo i wanna get 12, Smart, but i don't know where is the best place to get it D: (i usually get albums months after release) but i wanna buy this now to support Ai

  8. 10 new members would be such a headache omg haha.
    I was thinking of either getting the group black shirt or Ai/Aikas shirt. Oh the decisions...

    Kylon: I would say CDJapan, they have the best shipping rates.

  9. You had me crying before I even clicked "play" lol Thanks for sharing! Working Grave shift I'll be getting off work & finding out who is the 10th Gen. Still holding out for Karin to be added at the last minute!! 8)

  10. ^
    Ok Thanks :) and Get the black shirt =P