Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Direction for Smileage

So first off, let's talk about S/mileage's new single Tachi Agaaru, shall we?  Since one support beams of S/mileage has decided to part with us, the foundation of the group has been rested on the remaining three full fledged members, along with a sprinkling of sub-member.  The whole single can be personified in a picture, since it of course, says a thousand words:

What i'm trying to get at is that the lines were distributed fairly between Kanon, Dawa, and Yuuka, and that's about it.  The sub members barely had a chance to scrape in, only opening their mouths during the WOW YEAH portions of the song.  They didn't even sing along to the chorus!  I found that rather ridiculous, since they've gone through so much already.  I know, I know, they aren't full s/mileage members, yet, and that's where their smile campaign comes in.  I mean, it's only fair right?  If the original 4nin had to gather up 10,000 smile's to debut, the shin members should as well!  I hope they can accomplish this daunting feat.

The sub-members are to S/mileage what S/mileage was to Mano Erina before they got their chance to debut. They participated in the singles, as background dancers and occasional WOW YEAHS!  For what it's worth, it's a step closer to their transition to full members.  From what I've witnessed so far, it seems like a great accomplishment and obstacle at the same time to become a member of S/mileage.  To give the subbies some more credit though, I've heard that they did a fantastic job at their first concert (the Mini Skirt Tour), so I do have high hopes for them!  I'll send them a smile~

Here's the full PV, courtesy of smileagechannel on YouTube:

Also, to be honest, it looks like they're dancing on one of the board maps of a Mario Party game...the music fits too! lol


  1. Akari was my fav since day one so i want her to be a full member. Lol, Meimi finally stopped annoying me (kinda..i think) so i want her in too lol. And i dont care who another girl is, but yeah i want 3 members so it can be 6 total so the lines can be eveney distributed like when there were 4 ;-;

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  3. It's a cool MV.
    But i was hoping that those sub members would get even one solo so i could hear how the sound >W<.

    But yes. I have a question. What program do you use to make your banners?

  4. Hey have you sent my pic? o.o cant wait~

  5. Kylon: Akari is one of the best shin members

    Anon2: Yeah I was surprised that they didn't get even one line. And I made my banner and side buttons all in photoshop

    BleachGal: Yes, I sent it on Tuesday, sorry for not e-mailing back!

  6. its ok and sorry for being annoying ive just never won anything b4! Havent gotten anything yet maybe soon :3