Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Love S/mileage

Lately I've gotten really into S/mileage.  I think that it was Uchouten Love that made me really fall for them.  It's my favorite single of theirs to date, and it may be one of my favorite singles of H!P in 2011.  That means a lot!  I'm trying to complete my S/mileage CD discography now.

It's one of my favorite looks for S/mileage, even though the Black Ver for Koi ni Booing Buu didn't match one bit to the song.  It might have something to do with the lyrics, but I'm not certain about that.  Oh well.  Maybe Tsunku had a very high running fever that week (lol).


Side Note: The winner of my first contest [Lily] has yet to contact me after almost 9 days.  Lily if you're reading this, please contact me ASAP at  If I don't hear anything by Friday the 16th, i'm going to redraw a winner from the original list of participants.


  1. I found it funny that it was the First Press of the Black version of that single that almost immediately sold out on CDJapan.
    A lot of people liked that look.

  2. Lol. we're getting into S/mileage at the same time!

  3. Tommy: I can see why though. The regular edition outfits aren't that great, and the pig's just retarded. lol

    MiracleHappyLove: Cool! I can't wait to see Tachi Agaaru's PV~

    Bleachgal: LOL, i'm going to have to random draw again, but keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Perfect timing too! It looks like they're the next H!P group to do a youtube broadcasted concert! ^^