Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Riho Gone Wild

Well this explains a lot.

Oh dear lord.  It looks like she's gonna fight her way to the top.
Oh Riho, y u so kuh-razy?


  1. http://uppix.net/1/7/a/87b01c60f7f0c176e16d5ba887ff6.jpg

  2. Cyane: Lol. I guess Riho knows how to handle her guns!

    Chris: LOL

  3. LOL.... Where is this from??? xD

    (And hey, Raffi.... Can my icon on your side bar thing be Momo??? :P
    I like ManoEri and all, but I LOVE Momo the most out of H!P... She has my heart! Momo for me please? Momocrazy here! :D)

  4. Clarissa: Haha I found it on H!O. This pic is just photoshopped from this pic: http://www.hello-online.org/res/picboardimg/img20110904142133899.jpg xDD. And sure, i'll change your icon!

  5. ^
    LOL. You photoshopped out that green thing that she's holding for a gun (WTH is that green thing that she's holding?? O.o)?? XD
    And thanks!! ^^

  6. LOL no I didn't photoshop it, someone else did, and put the picture up on H!O. It's a good photoshop job, i'm not that good XDD