Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Generation 10 Finalists

In this weeks episode of Hello!Pro Time, the 10 finalists of Morning Musume's 10th generation auditions were revealed.  I wonder which of these girls are going to join the ranks of a Musume?  I'm excited to find out.  Here are the 10 finalists:

1. Kudou Haruka: Age 11

2. Ikubo Haruna: Age 16

3. Satou Masaki: Age 12

4. Tashima Meru: Age 11

5. Ougami Hinako: Age 13

6. Miyagi Ayumi: Age 11

7. Miwa Satsuki: Age 12

8. Ichida Ayumi: Age 14

9. Tanaka Huuka: Age 12

10. Murakami Sara: Age 13

This being the first time i've seen these girls, I obviously haven't quite warmed up to them yet.  I am still very curious to see as what Tsunku has in store for these girls.  Obviously, all 10 aren't going to never know actually!  It took me a while to warm up to the kyuukies, and now I really like almost all of them, so I have high hopes for the future of these girls!!  From what I understood, the winners will be revealed on 9/29!


  1. ^ i still have hope for karin. she, as well as the other s/mileage finalists just went through training camp like a month ago so they don't really need to do it again

  2. 10nin 10th gen?
    I kinda wanna'em all :D

  3. Yeah, all the S/mileage finalists all got free passes straight to the final round of Momusu auditions. So it'll be those girls and these ten for this last round.

    There's really no excuse for Karin not getting into S/mileage (since she was so damn good) except that Tsunku had probably already decided to add her to Momusu, that's the only explanation. I have my fingers crossed for Karin and Haruna, the beloved EGGs with awesome hair styles. I can see them becoming the next Gen-Duo. And if I had to pick one of the girls we haven't seen before, Ayumi has a nice face that reminds me of Riho and eyes that remind me of Kikka-Yuu. <3

    Well, it's nice that Ai-chan gets to congratulate and welcome the new girls the day before she bids H!P goodbye.

  4. Lol Raffi... i honestly love all of these girls. I would be Happy with any of them getting in

  5. Like you all have said before me, I hope Karin makes it too! There are soooo many people rooting for her to get almost seems inevitable!

  6. I watched the show this morning. Most of the girls need to work on their dancing (one was a little too good), but this can be improved with a lot of practice. I have to say, I really liked Miwa Satsuki the best. She seems to know her faults and has the determination to improve them (she tried out last year for 9 gen but didn't make it). Ichida Ayumi might be ok too.

  7. haruna should be joining the after the older member graduated they dont just within in teen age...btw i want miyasaki from smileage auditions to joining momusu....karin will be a good addition