Thursday, August 18, 2011

S/milage + New Member UStream

I just now watched (less than half) of the live S/mileage UStream that just aired.  I didn't remember that it was even on until one of my friends mentioned it earlier.  I caught a good half hour of it, and it had some funny moments to it!  It was rather unexpected, so I couldn't get many screenshots.

I was happy to see that there were over 4000 viewers watching now, and when it ended there were over 14,000 total viewers who came and watched at least for a little while.

The UStream was mostly an interview with each of the new members, with Kanon being the narrator.  She asked the girls the same questions each, such as what their favorite food was, and if they had any special skills.  The girls were rather cute and looked rather natural in front of the camera.  They all had some interesting things to share, even though I didn't understand that much of it.

Akari showed us that her skill was the long jump.  She was took of her shoes for this one and I just knew that she was going to do something cap-worthy.  Oh and then Kanon did this weird hand trick that was really hard to do, let alone explain.

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