Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uchiwas and Pinups oh My!

Hello once again.  Sorry for being such a lag with posting new things, i've just been rather busy with a bunch of stuff.  I'll try not to lag so much when it comes to posting (for those of you out there who enjoy reading this blog)!

Let me start off by telling you that I have become somewhat addicted to buying uchiwas and pin-up posters.  I've decided to buy every Aika uchiwa from spring/fall concerts, and get graduation uchiwas.

That leaves me with a grand total of x3Aika, x1Junjun, x1Linlin!

Since I had 1 Aika Fantasy DX pinup, I looked for some more DX ones.  I found a Risa and Zukki one on eBay for cheap, and had to pick them up to add to my collection.  After that I bought this cool little black book that perfectly fits pinup sized posters.  It's rather cool, and the only thing I found that was the perfect size!

This is how it looks inside the portfolio: professional eh? lol

Of course, Aika on the first page!


  1. I Like the Pika Pika Concert Fan better than the Fantasy DX hahahaha

  2. Oh. So you're the one I was bidding against on eBay for the zukki one. :|

  3. Kylon: Really? I like the DX better cause I like her hairstyle in that one more.

    Anon: Sorry, I only bid once though ^^;

  4. Yeah i like her expression and arm thing a lil more~