Saturday, August 27, 2011

New S/milage Profile Pics

New profile pictures for their upcoming single Tachi Agaaru were uploaded to Hello!Project's website:

 I really do like these new outfits for the single.  The new member's pink outfits reminds me of the outfits s/mileage had for their Bijin Mama single, and the OG member's red outfits remind me of flight attendants.  Maybe it's just the hat, but either way they're really nice.

Today ended Ogawa Saki's time in S/mileage and Hello!Project. It's not quite the same without Sakitty to be honest.  The profile page looks incomplete.  It's our first S/mileage graduation, let's see how things go without her.


  1. Kanyon, the brightest smile ^_^ mmh...i wonder who will sing saki's lines...

  2. Very very pretty!

  3. It looks like S/m's old costume combine...

    Yes and it does seems missing somebody... Only Yuuka have different kind of clothes (the S/m symbol is in the left)

    I think after Saki leave, only 1, Ayaka or Kanon will have more lines (or at least Akari)... You see, Ayaka has more line than Kanon in Uchouten LOVE...

    And OMG, Kana and Meimi is cute!

  4. I'm amazed that a group so big can look so empty (Sakichyyyyyy ;___;).

    But, I have faith in the sub-members. If no one else steps up, they have two talented Eggs to fill the void.