Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sekai Ichi Happy na Onna no ko

C-ute newest single's PV was released earlier, and I wanted to give my thoughts on it.  For starters, I thought it was a great PV with LOTS OF COLORS.

I didn't listen to the song until the PV came out, so I was in for a surprise when I opened the video.  The first thing I obviously noticed were that there were many colors lol.  It was nice to see that the girls donned appropriately colored outfits for the single.  That's something that's usually only seen in concerts, so it was a nice touch to add to a PV.

What I also really liked in the PV (which I noticed first in Maimi which I fell in love with), was the strands of color in the girls hair.  I thought that was a nice flare, and it looked exceptionally good on Maimi.

I found the song to have a nice ring to it, and I really liked the solo's that were more or less evenly distributed.  Also that one line that Maimi sings really quickly is awesome.  That's one of my favorite parts.

Even though this is your typical standardized Hello!Project PV, I love it no less.  It's the singers that make the video great, not necessarily how high the PV budget was (which is something that apparently matters to a lot of fans, don't know why).  I found that the idea for the individually colored rooms were creative and innovative.  The outfits were a bit frilly for my liking, seeing as the skirts are as wide as umbrellas.  I'm not too fond of the accessories on each of their heads, especially Chisa's hideous green cowboy hat!

It also made me laugh thinking about how and where they found so many articles of furniture, accessories, books, and notebooks to match to one color.  That must of been such a pain to put together.  It all did come together well in my opinion though.  The way they spelled out HAPPY was a nice touch too.  It was really cute, even though Berryz pulled a similar stunt in their Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV, except used photographs, and spelled out FRIENDS.  Whatever, i'm not complaining.

So all in all, I actually really like this single, and I think it will sell well!  It's a very cute direction for C-ute, and it's very happy and bubbly.  So far this is two kawaii songs in a row.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another Kiss Me Aishiteru hit next!

Wait that's not right....

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