Friday, June 24, 2011

B-kkuri Bluray Bonus

I just watched the bonus footage that was paired along with the blu-ray release of the Winter 2011 Hello!Project concert B-kkuri version, and let me just tell you that it was 32 minutes full of pure win.  I watched it twice in a row actually.  It was 11 solo songs sung by various members.

Kanon: A cute way to start off the DVD.  The song has been a favorite Miki song of mine for a while, so it was nice to hear.  Kanon pulled it off well with her high pitched voice.

Yurina: Wasn't too familiar with the song, but after hearing Kumai-chan sing it, I became a fan today.  I really like her jacket actually lol.

Maasa: My favorite Aya song!  Maasa sung it very well but to be honest, she didn't look too into the dance.  She looked rather concerned throughout actually.  I prefer Reina's perf during the platinum 9 concert, but I prefer Maasa over Reina! Haha

Haggy: The song is just 'eh' for me, but omg Maimai is just so cute.  She looked like she was having a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun watching her perform the song!  Interesting dress too.

Airi: Didn't expect anything less from Airi.  The performance was flawless.  Omg it was awesome.  She owned this song.  +100 Airi points omg.  Marry me.

Sakkity: She looked so cute singing this song!  The song itself is just rainbows and kittens cute and Saki performed it really well.

Captain: Very interesting wardrobe choice lol.  Watching Captain bounce around the stage was more interesting then her singing.  She was so happy and smile-y throughout the song that it was contagious.  I just had a smile on my face the whole time!

Sayu: What in the world is she wearing omg that outfit should be burned.  The song was new to me and it was as odd as the outfit to be honest.  Sayu's performance was really cute, but I couldn't get over how redic her skirt is!

Miya: Omg she owned this song.  Miya looks fantastic and she sung this song gracefully.  A great song choice for her, as her voice suited the tempo perfectly.

Maimi: (lol derp face) I've never heard this song before, and to be honest, the performance wasn't very memorable for me.  Maimi looked really cute as usual though.

Lovely-chan: Omg.  This performance was epic of epicness.  I now can't get over the epicness of this song, and how Ai-chan pulled it off.  The song really got to her as you can see from the screen shot, she got very teary and it looked like it caught her by surprise.  She really got to me with this performance.  I got crazy chills and goosebumps when watching.  Especially that tear omg.  With a title that translates to "Goodbye, I Don't Want to be Friends," it must have been something personal.  I want to hug her aww.

In conclusion, Ai-chan's, Airi's, and Miya's performances were my favorite by far.  Maasa's and Yurina's are runners up.  I really fell in love with this DVD extras for some reason! It's just so awesome!  EVERYONE PLEASE WATCH IT!


  1. That does look like lots of fun. I'll have to go look it up! I'm looking most forward to seeing Airi's and Ai's. ^^
    Oh and here's a link to the PV for Ne~e.
    As you'll see what Sayu's wearing is actually super tame, on the rediculous level, compared to what Aya wore! XD
    And if you want to see the cutest live performance of it EVER. Tsuji's got that covered of course! XD

  2. I haven't watch it yet!!!! ;_____;

  3. Nono: omg you're right Aya's outfit in the PV is much more ridiculous! ahah XD

    Melisa: you should! it's really good!!

  4. Lol before i was like: Uhhhh where the hell is Nakky, Yuuka,,Chianmi etc. then i realized it just said "B" Convert haha.

    Ai's performance made me tear up though ;-; it was beautifull (But my fav solo out of this whle concert was Risako's -SHOT-) lool

  5. Watching it for the first time and seeing Airi's performance, I was certain that would be the best of the concert, but then Aichan comes along at the end and really steals the show. Her performance was on another level from everyone else's. She'll be missed.

  6. Saved the best for last. Aichan really blew everyone out of the water! Even with that said omg Airi omgomg <333

  7. Marry me, marry me, it's quickly said Raffi!

    It's in this type of performance that I see how much our H!P girls improve each time.