Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A-gana Bonus Footage

I just watched the bonus footage that was paired along with the blu-ray release of the Winter 2011 Hello!Project concert A-gana version.  To be honest, it wasn't as great as I hoped.  It failed in comparison to the B-kkuri bonus footage (in my opinion of course).  It was 8 performances sung buy shuffle groups, 1 Berryz perf and 1 C-ute perf to finish it off.  10 in total.

Pucchimoni V: A great way to start off the dvd.  A great song sung by one of my favorite shuffles.  High energy and awesome dancing!  Probably my favorite performance of the dvd!

ZYXa: Overall was a good performance, but it wasn't that spectacular.  Chinami, Maasa, and Risa are win.  The other three were just bleh.  The outfits are scary too o_o

Aa: Snorefest.  I've never heard this song prior to this performance but it just felt very boring and it dragged on forever!  It's like it was a 8 minute performance I swear.  Airi and Miya are win though.

Shin Minimoni: Oh lord what have they done.  This performance puts shame to the original Minimoni.  I don't really know who the two eggs are, but they did far better then Kanon actually.  Her voice made me want to rip my ears off.  It was terrible im sorry.

Tanpopo#: Even though this group is 3x the win, this performance wasn't.  I've never heard the song before, but it was just a bunch of yelling honestly.  I could barely hear them singing over the (way too loud) instrumental, and I think they noticed it was too loud too.

Zoku Viyuuden: Ah, MUCH better.  This performance was awesome.  Even though i'm not the biggest Sayumi fan, I am the biggest Risako fan.  I also love this song.  They certainly rocked it.

High/King: Getting better! Such a great performance this was.  High/King just rules.  Nuff said.

Moar High/King: MOAR HIGH KING.

Berryz: A good performance for a good song.  This was one of the better songs on the album, and it was nice seeing it performed at this concert.  Nothing stood out though.

C-ute: This has become "that song" that HAS to be played at every concert I guess.  It's fun, but I swear it's like a 6 minute song.  IT NEVER ENDS.

In conclusion, in my opinion, Pucchimoni V, Zoku Viyuuden, and High King saved the day.  They held the only reasonable performances.  Maybe you will think otherwise?  I of course suggest you watch it and see for yourself!


  1. Meeeh Revival unites are getting kinda boring with the mass raduations /Shots lol

  2. They're fun for concerts, and that's all they're ever going to be apparently.