Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Junjun and Linlin Return!

Recent Sayumi and Reina blog posts have confirmed that both Junjun and Linlin have returned to Japan for a visit!  It has not been stated how long either of them will remain, but it's great to see that they have both came back for a well needed visit to their former Musume's.

Linlin and Junjun flew into Japan from China at separate times.  Linlin arrived earlier last week, while Junjun arrived yesterday (or possibly is still on the way).  It's been noted that Junjun is returning to see a Morning Musume concert, along with Kamei Eri.

Linlin already visited her friends, in which we got some very nice blog pictures out of.  Linlin just keeps getting prettier!

The above were taken from Sayumi's blog.  Linlin looks really pretty, and from what Sayumi writes in her blog, all of the members, especially Aichan were extremely happy to see her again.  Linlin is really like a big sister to Aichan.  Gaki's facial expression is also just very cute in the above pictures!

Linlin and Kanon!  Who would have ever thunk it.  As Sayumi says, "Linlin and Zukki's outfits match.  It's like they could go on stage together like this."  I would also like to point out that all these blog pictures were taken in the last 3 or 4 days, so I wonder, has Aichan already gotten tired of her bleach blond hair?  I'm just assuming~

More Linlin spam coming up!  I take it that either Junjun hasn't arrived in Japan yet, or she hasn't met up with any Musume, since no blog pictures of her have risen that I know of~

I take it that Linlin attended a Fantasy DX concert.  I wonder what it felt like for her to be in the audience of a Morning Musume concert for once?  That, and having her Kouhai's perform songs that she sang from their Fantasy Juuichi album?

I wonder if Linlin or Junjun will ever get back into Hello!Project?  That would be so great~
[In addition, I would also like to start what is known as a "30 Day H!P Idol Challenge" on July 1st.  I hope you all will be interested in reading it!]


  1. This made me so Happy ^^ But when I saw Lin standing next to Kanon i was like GET AWAAAAAAAY! lol.

  2. YES!! LINLIN <33333333 LINLIN IS BACK YAYYY<333 ;___;
    WEEE <333 LINLIN <333333

  3. Linlin + Kanon would have been the greatest thing known to mankind.

  4. Kylon: Ur crazy, I totally agree with Chris on this one.

    Melisa: I'm happy too! Isn't she so pretty :'D

    Chris: YES.