Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winter 2011 Concert A-gana

Last night I finished watching the Hello!Project Winter 2011 Concert (A-Gana) DVD.  I really liked how they covered older H!P songs with the shuffle units such as my favorites, Pucchimoni V and Tanpopo#.

Speaking of those two groups, they both had two of my favorite performances of the night.  Pucchimoni V performed an original Pucchimoni song, "Wow Wow Wow," and Tanpopo# performed a W song "Dekoboko Seventeen."  That has been one of my favorite W songs ever.

All in all, I thought the concert was really fun to watch, and I am now obsessed with those two performances.  My third favorite performance would have to be High-King's Destiny Love.  It was performed really well.

I also loved how Nakazawa Yuko made a nice cameo appearence during one of the MC's, wearing a Dream Morning Musume t-shirt as advertisement.  The kyuukies also got a nice introduction as well, even though Zukki wasn't able to attend.

Wow Wow Wow

Dekoboko Seventeen

Destiny Love


  1. They did a really good job stretching Dekoboko into a three person song. There haven't been many great W covers, but that performance definitely was great.

  2. Chris I felt the same way. That performance made my life worth living for ugh <3

  3. CoffeePrincess32June 5, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    Is Chissa really taller than Aika!? o-e'' Or is Aika just that short? XD

  4. Dekoboko Seventeen is an awesome W song! I hope we see more successful W covers in the future, I love W!

    And Man! High King is just cool! We definitely don't get to see them enough! Couldn't you imagine, like, a full High King album? That would be so awesome! XD

  5. CoffeePrincess32: Aika is around 157cm (5'2ish), and Chisato is 152cm (4'11ish). Wow. I never realized how short Chisa was!

    Nono: I really hope so too. It was such a wonderful favorite of the concert! I also agree, a High-King album would be so epic XD

  6. Holee cow! During Dekoboko Seventeen, Chisa looked taller than Aika. (or is that just me? D:) Anyhoo~ Cisa is REALLY short. XD These were some amazing performances, it makes me want to see the whole concert. :3 Thanks for posting and such. :D
    And I agree 1gazillion% with Nono. More High-King would be amazing~ 83

  7. The look similar in height because Aika rarely wears heels. In this performance, Chisa has on heels and Aika has regular boots.