Monday, June 20, 2011

New Eggs

So far, three new eggs have joined the Hello!Project community.  They're known by Yoshihashi Kurumi, Taguchi Natsumi, Hamaura Ayano.

Along with the above three, Morning Musume's 9th generation semi-finalists, Otsuka Aina and Minami Mogi were added as well.

Didn't really see that one coming!  I think it's great that these two who tried so hard have at least gotten to be a Hello!Project Egg.  I'm happy for them.


  1. yay eggs. mogichannnnnn

    i remember when the bijou gaku episode first aired with the finalists, i was hoping that the ones didn't make it would be added to the eggs. now my wish has come true ^_^

  2. AAAAAaaa Mogi Minami! She is so cute >A<
    I'm happy that Otsuka Aina was also added to the eggs, she was my favourite from the 9th gen auditions.

  3. Oh, yay!! Mogi!! I always loved her!! I find her endearing! :D
    *ignores the rest* 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. I know! Mogi was the dark horse in the competition. I was pretty sure that she wasn't going to make it into Momusu, but I always routed for her, just because she was the least favorite. I found her to be such a sweetheart <3 *waves Mogi flag*