Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aikas 1st Photobook

Thanks to a friend of mine, I recently got my hands on Aika's first photobook:

Let me just tell you that it is full of win.

I always knew that Aika was a beautiful girl, but I never realized how photogenic she was.  She is so elegant and beautiful!  There isn't that much that I can say about this photobook, other then that if you are a fan of Aika, you should definitely add this to your collection!

Here are a couple of teasers for you all:

The photos just get better and better as it gets towards the end.  Oh, it also comes with a DVD making of, so that should be fun to watch as well.

Aika <3


  1. YES AIKA BUTT SHOT. I knew you wouldn't let me down

  2. They should do e-Hello DVD with Aika. Because she really know how to pose with camera.

  3. you should take a pic of the whole PB! I realized there were some that I haven't seen :O

  4. Chris: I've never let you down so far! ;P

    Puolukka: They should! I'm sure she's in line for one soon.

    Melisa: Haha maybe!