Wednesday, June 15, 2011

9x the Maji

I found something awesome on eBay that I knew I couldn't pass up.  It had to be mine, and I wouldn't let anyone get in my way!

Do you want to know what I bought?

You betchya.  I found a Maji Desu Ka Ska poster autographed by all 9 members, instead of just by one.  I already had a poster signed by Aika, but this one is 8 times better!  I already sold the Aika poster to a friend before this poster even arrived to my door, just to make room in the frame.

Now the only problem is that...I don't know where to hang it! ^^;

Oh by the way, what do you guys think of the new blog banner and the color scheme change?


  1. ....-speechless-
    OMG EVERYONE'S MEMBER?!?!? *_* HOW MUCH DID IT COST?!?!? LOOKS AWESOME <33333 way better than just one 1 signature indeed >w<

    and yush! Meli loves the new banner and style :D <3 the effects are interesting 8D

  2. Coool! Maybe should start using ebay? But i don't like fighting people for stuff XDDD Oh and Btw Cool new look (My fav color Purple ^^)

  3. I like that purple blackround~

    And all members. that looks awesome. I'd like to got even one autographed poster .