Thursday, June 2, 2011


The idols that you love and worship aren't all what you think they are.  They really have secrets that they thought would never be revealed.  I've found out some of them, and am currently investigating deeper into these mysteries.  I wonder what I am going to find next.

Airi is really a witch.  No seriously.  She can fly.  This is amazing.

Maeda Yuka is actually a pumpkin.  She told everybody that it was a Halloween costume, but in actuality, she needs to be properly watered and needs enough sunlight.

Once you see her, you will "lol."

Nakky is not going to be a pushover anymore.  She demands her lines.  I don't think I want to see angry Nakky...

I've seen it with my own eyes.  It was on my ceiling, watching me sleep.  When I opened my eyes, it stared at me, screamed, and ran away, disguising itself as center dancer Riho.  Everybody may love her, but I know her true form.



  1. Lmaooo TTHAT is why this is my favorite Blog XD

  2. ^ Laugh Out Loud is 3 words XD

  3. LOL XD
    This is Awesome! People should create more H!P stuff like that! not only with Perfume, Johnny's Ent. and k-pop >_<
    P.S. Could You add me to Your blog list?
    I have already added You ^^
    P.P.S. Sorry for asking and being annoying TT

  4. Lol Kylon don't ruin it for her xD

    Neko - glad you liked it!
    i'll add u as soon as i have time to make a little avatar xD. which H!P member would you like (thats not up there already) and name should i put?