Monday, November 15, 2010

Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Yeah, I know, i'm pretty late in talking about Morning Musume's new single.  So bite me.  Anyways, I'm totally fanboy-ing over this song!  It's just fantastic!  It's so nice to see after Seishun Collection (which was good, but not awesome like this one).  It has a great beat to it, and we get to see some action from the underdogs!  I love that I can get to hear Aika/Jun/Lin in the song.

The initial outfits for the song kinda scared me to be honest.  At first listen to the song, I had a competely different image in my head of what they would wear.  Actually, the military-esque outfits that they wore on the opening number of the Rival Survival concert would have suited the song quite well.
The main dresses for the PV look sorta like a cross between a hotel maid and a power ranger.  I'm not a big fan of them.  After watching the PV and seeing that they got nicer dresses, I was so happy!  So they balance each other out.

After the inital shock of the outfits, I was happy to see the PV.  It was a much better idea then Seishun Collection was.  I like how there are multiple shots too.  There's them against the white wall, then the black wall, then the close up with the plastic-leather-bubble-padded-narrow wall, close up pretty dress version, and the pretty dress standing in a pond of flowers version.  I don't really understand why they are standing in a puddle full of flower petals yet, but I don't really care.  It's awesome.

Gaki's got that crazy hair thing going on.  I love it.
 Speaking of crazy hair...I didn't know this was a headbangers song!
Reina, what are you implying hmm?  Come with you? Sure!
I've always wanted a room with two angled black mattress looking walls.
It's pilates Momusu style!
 Alright, I'll stop making bad jokes, just don't look at me like that jeez!


  1. I like the song (although to be honest.. I wish there were less stops in it), PV is ok!! I would have liked it better if they got rid of those maid-like outfits (Don't like those) xD

    Ai Takahashi's ponytail whipping (is that the word to use for it? xD), is awesome.. So, SEKUSHI!! XD

    Nice review Raffi!! Looking forward to your next post! XD

  2. Thanks! I know the pauses are kinda strange, and yeah I don't like the initial outfits either

  3. Junjun and Linlin looks awesome in these PV <3333
    Eri's "Jinsei" blew me away :O <3333

  4. I find it interesting that so many people don't like the opening dresses. I mean I understand that yes they don't go with the song. But my first impression of them was mod 60's dresses. And what's more sexy than a go go dancer look? Also the solid different colors make it so everybody equally stands out for once, unlike the other PV's this year. The furry boots where the things that threw me off! XD

  5. @Nono -- Yeah, the dresses grew on me, but I still find them odd, but it works I guess lol. The boots actually made me like the dresses more XD

  6. Just to piss you off raffi AKB48 is better. ;)

  7. Just to piss you off Kevin, I can delete your comment. ;)

  8. In all seriousness though I actually like the song...go figure. And here I thought I wouldn't like any of MM songs after Koharu left lol.

    ...Although the PV is like any of the other MM pvs. Close up shot, dance shot, etc. I didn't really like it. Somebody call that director that made ManoEri's PV, cause that PV was full of win.<3

  9. Aw you know deep down you like AKB48 as much as I do.

    *cough* After all you did favorite that one video *cough*

  10. In all seriousness, there is no way that you can't like this song. It's just epic! And ManoEri's new PV had too many people who were not ManoEri in it, IMO.

    I did what now? OH. That video. Yeah...