Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HSU Order

I finally received my order from HelloStoreUSA!  I'm so excited!  It's been a long wait for this, since "special order" items take like 6-8 weeks for shipment.  Well, after 6-8 weeks, I finally got my goods!

I didn't go crazy this time even though I really wanted to.  I bought a few things from the Rival Survival concert, and a specific shirt that I have been eying.  The wait was well worth it since I love all the goods that I got.

Now I share:

Group shots from the Rival Survival concert.  Awesome pics.

Aika, Lin, and Jun fans.  They are awesome but a lot larger then I expected.  No idea where to put them lol.

What i've been waiting for!  My Dance de BACoooooooooN shirt!!
Front (left) back (right).  Lighting is strange on the left side for some reason.

In all, I love how HSU has special order items, since it gives everyone a fair chance to get everything they want.  There's no first come first serve for these items, so people can contemplate for days on what they really want lol.  If I can wait 51 days, then so can you.


  1. I hope you wear your bacon shirt to school next week.

  2. LOL maybe~
    Is there really a point though? The design is on the back and its way too cold to take my sweater off :P