Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Kakurenbo Final

My very special Mitsui Aika gets to make her acting debut, as she was cast as a character in an upcoming (sadly straight to dvd) horror movie titled "Real Kakurenbo Final."  This is awesome!  I'm thrilled that they decided to give Aika this role, showing that someone believed that Aika had the most potential for this specific role.  Not much is known yet about the movie, except for a few blog shots of Aika on set.

I for one am very excited to see what this movie is going to be about.  I'd be happy to buy the dvd, but I want to know if there are going to be any English subtitles available, or else, I'm just gonna be staring blankly at Aika.  It's exciting to see Aika in this movie, but at the same time, I don't want to see her get hurt, (let alone die).  This is a horror movie after all.

Hopefully, this will give Aika a boost of popularity.  I've been noticing lately that her popularity has been slowly increasing, seeing how more people are purchasing her goods, and I'm finding that her pictures and concert goods are sometimes first to be sold out.

Anyways, I think this movie is a great opportunity for Aika, and i'm very curious to see how her acting is.  Acting in a horror movie can be difficult because showing the emotion of fear can be hard to fake and capture.  This is why most horror movies are terrible in that sense.

I believe in Aika!  You should too!

DVD is set for release on January 7, 2011.


  1. I do as well. I know the feeling for a play Mako-chan was in went to DVD, but only available localy 8( I don't play that close attention to the ins & outs of MM. Perhaps if I knew Japanese & living there I'd. I guess thats what makes me as just a fan & not a Wota. Great news indeed that after all this time she is coming into her own. I'm hoping that she has a chance to prove herself & impress others as a Senpai to the upcoming 9th generation.

  2. Hooray for a horror movie for Aika!!
    I haven't even watch the movie that Nakky and Risa is in...
    (I don't like hooror movies :3)

  3. I like horror movies and I like Aika! Hope she does good :3