Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daite Yo! Please Go On!

Now I present to you, my newest video, Daite Yo! Please Go On, sung by High-King at the Fankora concert earlier this summer.  I thought it was an awesome performance, and hey, we all love some more Aichan right?


To be honest, I didn't even realize that this was a Goto Maki song until I accidentally came across it on my iPhone earlier this morning.  I thought it was an original High-King song lol.  Anyways, the performance is great.  There's a lot of dancing which is always a plus.

The outfits are definitely creative, that's for sure.  They aren't that bad though.  They all have a pink/blue theme to them it seems.  What struck me as odd yet cool was Aichan's outfit.  Her skirt looks like an umbrella patched with old high school football jerseys.  Doesn't really matter though, since Aichan pretty much rocks anything she wears.


  1. Subs Don't count as a blog post XDDD

    Oh wait....i forgot...This is YOUR Blog *spits out water* XDDDDDDD

  2. ^
    he could post whatever he wants XD
    same as mine :P

    anyway.....I love the song <333
    so many H!P songs I love XD

  3. ^Not unless I hack his blog.....

    ....Now give me a second so I can figure out his password....


    RisakoMineForever....not that one....

    RisakoKick......not this one either....

    Kev is gay....ah it worked...wait what!? O.o


  4. Kylon -- anything counts as a blog post. I can talk about going to the bathroom if I wanted to ;) Melisa is right!

    Kevin -- no.

  5. "Kylon -- anything counts as a blog post. I can talk about going to the bathroom if I wanted to ;) Melisa is right!"
    GO! make a post about going to the bathromm

  6. wait to shut off my joke with a simple no.

    A post about going to the bathroom? well I for one don't wanna know what you do in the bathroom. ;)

  7. I meant *way* instead of wait.

  8. Melisa -- LOL nah that will be way too awkward. People will not want to read my blog anymore XD

    Kevin -- just no.

  9. i SAID "Oh wait....i forgot...This is YOUR Blog" -_____-

  10. Kevin -- <3

    Kylon -- I know, but you still had to point it out to me :)

  11. this could be h!p best song this year