Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aitai Lonely Christmas

- So now it's my turn to review C-ute's latest single, Aitai Lonely Christmas.  Yay, Christmas song?  I like the idea of a holiday single, but that's because it's currently the holiday season.  When I listen to this song in March, it's gonna be a bit different.
- The first like 20 seconds of the song really thew me off.  It first sounded all twinkly, if you can imagine a twinkly sound of course, and then it went to a really low key on a piano.  Go listen to it, you'll know what i'm talking about.  I had to double check to see if I was listening to the right song lol.
- Anyways, the song is pretty good.  In my opinion, it's not as good as Dance de Bacoon was, but still good. 
-What is great about this song, though, is that the line distribution is much better then before.  Nakky actually gets to sing something, rather then just going "mou yada" or "suki suki suki."
- The song is definitely catchy, but it sounds more like something you would sway side to side holding up a lighter to, rather then dancing to.  I usually prefer upbeat songs, so you wont find this on my "gym playlist" lol.

- Aww, they all look so cozy!  Obviously, the outfits look very Christmasy.  The white is appropriate, seeing as the PV is based around a snowy set.  The black in most of their outfits offsets the white quite nicely.  
- I'm not totally loving Nakky's hat though.  It looks too big on her head.  I love her long wavy hair, and I'd prefer no hat on her at all, but since there's on obvious hat thing going on, maybe smaller next time? lol.
- Talking about hats, it really annoys me that Chisato's hat is NOT white.  WHY?  It's like HP is doing this to me on purpose.  And don't try to tell me that Mai's hat isn't white either.  ITS CLOSE ENOUGH.
Anyways, they all look soft and warm, and I just want to hug them.

- I don't think they could have found a creepier house-looking-thing for this PV.  I don't even.  It's like the doll house from hell. It would seem more appropriate if the girls inside were screaming for help.  Seriously.
- That's besides the point.  Now I guess we go "inside?"  Why in the hell would anyone...nevermind.
- What I noticed about this PV is that there are no smiles.  Everyone looks very solemn.
- From what I can understand from this song, is that they don't want to be sad on Christmas, and they want someone or something to come as their present on Christmas to make everything better.  Yay happy ending.
- To wrap things up, I actually do really like this song!  It's great, and the girls look and sound fantastic.  Nakky should have more lines then Mai in my opinion, but oh well.  Oh, and Chisato looks Russian.


I know that look.  That's the "thanks for the crap gift" look.

This is the house that your parent's told you never to pay around.

Oh, she's one of those "do it yourself" gifters. >_>

Nakky's contemplating how her escape with a spot of tea.

 "Look at me i'm Russian ve don't drink tea ve drink Vodka!"

Okay i'll stop now, so stop giving me that look.


  1. How do you do screen caps :O??

  2. lol Raffi's opinions are interesting XD
    I love the house in the PV 8)

  3. The house is creepy. It looks like flesh stitched together like Sally's skin from Nightmare Before Christmas! XD
    The opening bars are very odd, its so disconnected from the melody that it feels like they trip over it once they start singing..(if that makes any sense)
    But it is so nice to see all of them singing real lines and they all look so pretty!

  4. Finally a PV that rocks! The line distribution, the song, the PV, the girls (especially maimai and chisato), and the whole snow theme was awesome. No dance version but I still liked it. ^^

  5. In response to your comment "Chisato looks Russian".

    ....NO U!