Monday, October 31, 2011

Aichan + S/mileage Gets

So we all know that Aichan has officially graduated, and that as of recent, Maeda Yuuka has decided to leave the Hello!Project world, chasing after dear Sakitty.  Hopefully Yuuka and Saki are going to stay friends when they both leave UFA, and who knows, maybe even run into each other at the same University?

I found it most necessary to dedicate my recent gets to the aforementioned Aichan and S/mileage.  Since Aichan has been a member of Morning Musume for so long, I thought it would be right to show my appreciation for her (in shirt form).  Same goes to S/mileage, who I have only recently become a huge fan of.  I still feel sad that s/mileage started changing so dramatically right around the time that I started following them more keenly.  I wont dwell on that factor too much.

 On the left is Aichan's 25th birthday shirt, that apparently sold out rather quickly, since it was limited stock, and was only sold on 9/29 and 9/30 at Bukkodan for her graduation performance.  I was really lucky to snag myself one of these shirts.  I absolutely love the style of this shirt.  I find the A.T to be quite artisitic, and much nicer looking then the other birthday shrits, that usually have a hand drawn picture on the front, in usually mismatching colors like hot pink and light pink lol.

On the right is S/mileage's group shirt from the Summer '11 WOWYEAH concert tour.  I thought this shirt was really nicely designed, and I felt that I had to get it because of my newfound s/mileage appreciation, plus it was the last concert Ogawa Saki was going to be present in.  I was even happier that I bought this shirt after finding out about Yuuka's sudden departure.  It's the last tour that S/mileage was 4nin, and now I have something to remember it by.

A better look at the Aichan birthday shirt.  The left photo is the front, with the awesome A.T design.  The photo on the right is the back of it, showing off Aichan's special design, as all birthday shirts do.  I think it's awesome.

Here is a better look at the S/mileage shirt's front.  There is a small concert logo on the back of the shirt up by the neckline that says WOW WOW YEAH YEAH Summer 2011, but because I am currently wearing the shirt as I blog, I am too lazy to take it off, take a picture, and put it back on.  It's cold. Lol

And any good H!P shirt usually comes with a photoset and wristband to complete the epicness.  To the left, are the pictures that came with Aichan's shirt.  Only the top two, and the wristband.

The s/mileage photoset is one of my favorites, and the wristband is pretty cool too, to match the shirt it came with!


  1. Both of those shirts are beyond amazing for a change and I will steal both when you aren't looking

  2. ^
    ^Like him, Ai chan´s t shirt is so cool

  3. Love the S/milage stuff. I'm also in the same boat as you, as I started to like them more they completely changed TT-TT