Monday, October 24, 2011

Maeda Yuuka Graduating?!

It has NOT been officially confirmed yet, but there are many rumors and newspaper articles stating that Maeda Yuuka will be graduation from S/mileage and Hello!Project on December 31st 2011.  This is just as sudden as Saki's announcement, but the cut seems to be a little deeper this time.  If it's true (which we still do not know for sure yet), at least we have two months left with her.

Apparently, this news is already circulating in Japan through newspaper, even though an official confirmation has yet to be released.  Her reason for leaving (similar to the Saki), is that she wants to focus on her education, seeing as it's around the time for her to take entrance exams and apply for universities.

Either way, once again, this news is a bit shocking, and it's not exactly how I was hoping the week would start off.

EDIT: It has been officially confirmed:


  1. I blame myself. The moment I became their fan was the start of their demise. -cries-

    OMG Yuukarin!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I♥U FOREVER!!!!!!!

  3. ^
    ^so it´s your fault? xD

    Really sad news....after Sakitty´s fast graduation i said it would be the same.....same with Yuuka (specially because she is the most popular member in S/m righ now)

    i only can say "good luck Yuuka" ^^ there is still time before the day...

  4. It is really upsetting and i'm going to miss her a lot. She is(was) my favorite Smileage member.

    I just feel bad about how everyone is beginning to turn their backs to s/mileage all together since Saki left, and now Yuuka too.

  5. alright,let em get this straight....1st Saki-chan graduate...then Kosuga-chan left due to her Yukka-chan?! S/MILEAGES IS GOING CRAZY. Yuu-chan was my 2nd favorite member in S/mileages...and if i see her leave....someone better message me so i can cry....well not har but still! :'(