Thursday, November 3, 2011

Berrikyuu DVD Mag Vol 1 - In a Nutshell

Today I had the joy of watching Berryz Kobo & C-ute DVD Magazine Volume 1, which central focus a military atmosphere, obviously referring to their recent stage play, Sengoku Jietai.  This DVD magazine was accompanied by it's other half, Volume 2.  In Volume 1 (today's focus), we were blessed with the presence of half of our Berikyuu members.  In Volume 2 (stay tuned to find out), we get to see the other half.

Very fitting attire, considering where they are.  Where are they you may ask?  Well let me show you!

Today's scene is set inside and around a very cool looking museum in Japan, dealing with everything that has to do with the history of Japan and WWII, and many different military style weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

The first thing the tour guide showed them was all the military equipment (helmet, utility belt, vest, backpack etc) that each soldier had to wear in order to make sure they were safe.  What was the first idea that popped into their heads?

Load Maasa up with as much equipment as possible to see when she starts tipping over.  The backpack alone was around 12kg.  Look at Risako. Just standing there. Laughing.

Next up was a helicopter simulator.  The girls took turns riding it, two by two, except for Risako, who decided to opt out because she was afraid of roller coasters of the sort.  :(
They rock paper scissored to figure out the order.  While two were inside having fun, someone on the outside (Nakky), just watched in bitterness.

Since Risako opted out of the last activity, she was first to participate in this one against Nakky.  It was a tank-drive simulator.  For some reason, Nakky had no idea whatsoever what was going on, while Risako just sat back and enjoyed the tank ride.

Maimi was very concerned about Nakky's lack of tank driving skills.

Anyways, enough with the fun and games.  It's time for...


They were taught proper stance technique, and what to do in case of emergency, for example, being able to crawl on your side, while...lets're holding a gun.

This proved to be a most difficult task for most of the girls.

Up next was "the wall" that was part of the obstacle course that you're supposed to be able to successfully jump over in case of emergency.  Maimi was up first, and was the only one who was able to haul herself over the wall (slowly) alongside Miya (only once).

Others made a valiant effort, but in the end had zero upper body strength to lug themselves over the six foot wall.  Walking around it would be okay, but JUST THIS ONCE.

Then we move on to what looks like a book club and "lets talk about our feelings" session.  It was rather lengthy. *skips*

*yawn* Okay back to work ladies. SITUPS! GOGOGO. *blows whistle*

Miya, who shows how much core strength she has (none), struggles to do her first push-up.  Nakky encourages her.

After their warm-up, it was time for a side-crawl race that we learned about earlier.  Lets see who can side-crawl the fastest!

Nakky can.  Too bad Maimi beat her in the end.

For her victory, Maimi won chocolate cake in a can.  Yeah idk either don't ask.

Okay okay, enough with the exercise.  Lets do something fun and safe like popping balloons with toys covered in razor blades!  Sounds like my average Thursday night.

Pro-Tip: Don't let Maimi play. She's nuts. Almost took off like three people's heads! Crazy.

See! Even Risako knows it. Just look at that "GUURL YU CRAZY" face.

That's all folks K BYE!


  1. Have you got any link for this Berrikyuu DVD Mag Vol 1 & Berrikyuu DVD Mag Vol 2?