Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10th Generation First Photosets

If you'd like to pick up 10th generation's very first Morning Musume photosets, then you should head on over to HSU.  I think they're really nice and since it's their very first goods, I think it's somewhat special.

I think they're a great buy, for any fan of the new generation.  I myself will be picking up a Haruka set, since she's the greatest most bestest new member evar.  Ehem. -bias-

Other then that, there's a bunch of great Aichan graduation stuff (mostly photosets), but some noteworthy buys as well.

They're pretty nice, but to be honest, I don't like what Ai has done with her hair, but that's another subject.  I also don't like how she's gone completely tomboy lately, in her new PV and new photosets. Oh well.  The Halloween/Christmas photosets are really nice actually, but they are SO RANDOM lol.  I still like them a lot.

If you're interested in anything (plus a lot more that I haven't pictured), please visit HSU here:


  1. They're such a cute bunch, they make everyone else look kinda old lol.

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