Thursday, October 6, 2011

Contest 2 Winner

My second contest is now over.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  I felt bad for only being able to pick one winner, because i'm sure that everybody worked really hard on their graphics.  It was a very close race between three graphics, but I decided on one.

I chose Sprinkles as my 2nd contest winner!

Here is what she made for me:

I particularly liked this one out of the rest for the way the colors of the custom background and text matched the picture of Aichan so perfectly.  I also really loved the style and layering, making Aichan pop out farther then the background.  It's also a great picture, and one of my favorite recent photos of her.

Once again, thank you everyone for participating.  Sprinkles, if you would e-mail me your shipping info, i'll send out the CD as soon as I can.  Thank you!


  1. *dead*
    I mixed time up.
    I was sure that today at 9pm was end of cometition!
    Well...............congratulations to the winner.

  2. Well now that I look the picture I realize.............with what I have made i didn't even have chance!

    This one is really good made so this time without jealousy: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER!

  3. WAH! damn school! I missed this contest T.T not that I ever had a chance with my photoshop skills... But the feeling that I didn't even try makes it worse.
    Congrats to the winner, the picture is really, realy well made and beautiful!