Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Morning Musume Ranking

It's a new generation of Morning Musume.  Kamei Eri, Junjun, and my Linnylin have departed from their post and made room for the new members, Zukki, Fuku, Riho, and Erina.

It's been a few months since their last single, and their 45th single titled Maji Desu Ka Ska features the debut of the four new members.  This song is upbeat, and has a strong contrast to Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.

Since there have been new members added, new profile pictures have also been added to the Hello!Project website, making the new members legit.

I thought it was about time to update my ranking, don't you think so too?

The members are still so new to me, there was no way that they would rank over their senpai members.

Aika is still my number 1, with Gaki taking Linlin's previously held 2nd place.

What do you guys think?


  1. If you don't update the ranking to the HP Ranking, I will kill you XD

  2. I agree, we need time with the new members ^^ (but Kanon ftw)

  3. The backgrounds of the pictures remind me of ice cream.

    Personally, my ranking stays the same with Sayu, Risa, Aika being 1,2,3 and Reina at 9.

  4. We match on 2,5,& 8. Who is my number 1? That's easy to figure out Ogawa Makoto = Gokkies = Takahashi Ai 8)>

  5. Stop Confusing me with this weird patter XD

  6. lol at 1st, I thought that Mizuki was last in your ranking until I saw the numbers XD

  7. Lol the pattern kinda does remind me of ice cream, but that makes it even cooler!

    Melisa - noo my ranking swirls starting from the middle just like the background XD

  8. Still disapointed that Sayu is only #5 XD

  9. What the shizzle!? Zukki 6th place and Riho 8th!? ljeonslkngang;aingioaeo

    .....wait actually Zukki is in a pretty good spot....