Friday, March 11, 2011

New Berryz Kobo Ranking

So, now that you've seen my Morning Musume ranking, it's time to show you my new Berryz Kobo ranking.  I'm glad a new single came out, because that means that I don't have to use the Shining Power profile pictures anymore lol.

(like my graphic?)

Here's the rundown:

Risako: There's just something about her that's keeping her at number 1 for me.  Maybe its the frequent times she visits me in my dreams?  Maybe it's her pouty lip?  I'm not sure, but I can't let go of her yet.

Maasa: As of late, she's really gotten my attention.  From watching the Berikou Fest concert, and seeing her in Heroine Ni Narou Ka, it made me love her even more.  Also, I just discovered how incredibly cute her laugh is.  She took Yurina's previously held number 2 spot.

Yurina: My opinion hasn't changed much about her for the past few months.  I still lover her to pieces.

Captain: She's really starting to grow on me.  Maybe that's because I keep hearing about her from various sources.  Also, i'm such a sucker for long hair.  I really dig the extensions on her.  I'm also really happy to see her getting a lot more attention in the new single, and in Berryz Kobo in general.  She took Miyabi's previously held number 4 position.

Miyabi: She hasn't stood out much to me lately.  Never was the biggest fan of Buono, so I might have just brushed her off.

Chinami: I like her, I really do, there are just others I like more.  She hasn't impressed me greatly yet, but I must say, I really fell in love with her solo performance of Nicchoku Geinoujin no Kaiwa at the Berikou Fest concert.

Momoko: Still not interested in her at all.  I don't hate her though.  I just don't find her to be anything special.

I wonder how much do you disapprove of my ranking?


  1. OMG~ You're great at PTS XD

    This is the ranking that fit me the most XD

    (Except you put Yuri in front of Captain :(( )

  2. Now I'm disappointed Kuma-chan's only #3 XD

  3. Momoko :( to be the cutest girl in the world isn´t nothing special ? xD

  4. Yes. Momoko's 7th. It makes me cry.

  5. the backgrounds look like secret illumanti codes

    and i know why you loved Nicchoku so much ^_^

  6. Aiko - Thank you! And I had to put Yurina in front of Captain <3


    Chisa/Miku - I've seen cuter onion rings.

    Chris - Is that a good thing? Lol. I think its cool lookin.
    And, yes, we talked about why I loved Nicchoku so much hehee

  7. Someone isn't gonna be happy about #7 :X

  8. ^ lol, I think she knows by now

  9. "I've seen cuter onion rings"

    omg, that´s blasphemy xD

  10. "Momoko: Still not interested in her at all. I don't hate her though. I just don't find her to be anything special."

    "I've seen cuter onion rings."

    Hmmm.... Well, I don't expect everyone to see Momo the same way I do, but... I do find it a bit sad, that you don't think she's anything special... I mean, she may not be the prettiest member of the group (*looks at Yurina & Risako*), but she definitely is the funniest... She really knows how to make things interesting! :)

    I hope I can somehow change your opinion on Momo (You changed Kylon's opinion, and made him a Risako lover, and he used to HATE Risako! xD) :P

  11. ^ Haha, well, maybe over time, i'll get around to liking her more. I watched Buono DVD Magazine 7 last night, and I must say that she DID make me laugh a lot!!

  12. What the shizzle? Momo dead last? What kinda bull..lksg;lsl;agnfga;ldkjagn *rage quit this comment*