Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Play A Game

Here are a bunch of screenshots from Hello!Project's DVD Magazine Volume 24!

Instead of me coming up with terrible yet hilarious captions for them, I want YOU to come up with some.
Pick your favorite members and caption their faces.  I bet it'll get you thinking!

Think you've got what it takes?

Try it.  Make me laugh.  GO!

(*Ogawa Saki and Mano Erina didn't feel like playing this game I guess. Lameo's)


  1. Can U send me the link again XD I love these since you sent me the 23th XD

  2. DAWA kowai

    xD that was funny....i remember i made a video collecting these faces:

  3. Gaki no tsukai? *dong dong* Zen Out-to!! 8)>

  4. Ai, Saki , Massa, and Dawa looked Cute, everyone else looked freakin retarded, or high

  5. lol I prefer Raffiko's cap :P

  6. Everyone's so eager to make Raffiko laugh.

  7. ^

    U haven't read the first comment didn't you Raffi XD XD

    Btw, they're on a date with you again? XD

  8. Oh sorry, here it is:

  9. Thank you :D Is there a DVD Magazine 25 yet?

    Btw, fast-answerer 0_0

  10. Lol. Nope, there won't be a Hello!Project DVD Mag 25 until the next Hello!Project concert which will be around summer.

  11. What's Hello!Project DVD Magazine usually about? It seems like the 23rd and 24th is linking with each other~

    Btw, Did Sakitty and Mano-chan win? Cuz I've watched the link you gave me and they had the gold words and then they don't have to do the faces XD I can't believe everyone lose except 2 XD

  12. Am I the only one attempting to even try....Ganbatte to me I guess.

    I couldn't come up with some captions for most of them but..

    Sayu: *massive orgasm*

    Airi: duuuuuuuh what?

    Chisato: *maniacal laughter

    ...I don't know....I'm not in a caption making mood today lol.