Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 Berryz Times

 Berryz Kobo's newest album, titled 7 Berryz Times is out.  There are a total of 10 tracks on it, 3 of which are their last three singles, making for 7 brand new songs.  After a good few listens to them, I can say which I liked the best, and which I didn't like that much.
[Not including Tracks: 2,5,9 since they are Heroine ni Narou Ka, Maji Bomber, and Shining Power]

Track 1: Icchoume Rock! (一丁目ロック!)
A good song to open with.  It had a good upbeat feel to it.  Nice to hear Maasa so early into the song too (perk for me).  Everyone had a fair amount of lines here.  Wasn't too excited about the song overall, but it somewhat reminded me of Hero Arawaru (Heroine ni Narou Ka b-side).

Track 3: Bomb Bomb Jump!
Out of all the new songs on this album, this one has to be my favorite.  For some reason, it really got to me.  It has a very 60's feel to it, which appealed to me.  It made me want to dance like they did back in the day.  You know, like "the monkey" and "the swim."  Either way, this song is really catchy, and I loved everyone in it.  Very fun song.

Track 4: Masshiroi ano Kumo (真っ白いあの雲)
This song was my least favorite out of them all.  It's too slow and soft for my taste.  I was never really fond of the slower ballad type songs anyways.  I feel like there is nothing I can do with this song.  I wont really want to listen to it anywhere because it's too slow lol.  Maybe to help me sleep?

Track 6: Joshikai The Night (女子会 The Night)
Ahh this is more what i'm talking about!  A song that's got some step to it!  It's faster and up tempo.  The audio track in the background is great on its own too.  Sounds like it could easily be Berryz next new single...but it's not.  Anyways, i'd consider it my second favorite song on this album.  Oh, and the parts in the song where the girls whisper is the best.

Track 7: Girls Times (ガールズタイムス)
This song was just eh for me.  Didn't find anything particularly special bout it.  Dunno why, but it reminds me of a Christmas song.  Maybe it's because of the instrumentals.  That kinda makes it fun I suppose lol. is a fun song, especially with the 'shoobee doo bap bap!'

Track 8: Onna no Pride (女のプライド)
This song really reminds me of Chotto Samishii (Shining Power b-side).  Whenever i'm listening to this song, I get this quirky image in my head of Berryz Kobo sitting around a campfire and singing this together.  Sounds like a "Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda" type of song.  What I mean by that is that by the beat alone, I feel the lyrics are talking about girl power or something (maybe that's because of the title) lol.

Track 10: Magical Future! (マジカルフューチャー!)
Now I know this song has been around for a bit already, but I actually haven't given it a listen until this album came out.  I think Magical Future was a theme song used for Inazuma Eleven, but other then that, I don't think it was put on a CD or anything was it?  Anyways, I like the song,  Maybe my 3rd favorite on the album (not crown worthy).  Has that upbeat tempo that I love so much.  I also really like the intro.  All in all I could definitely listen to this more often.

So all in all there were 3 songs that stood out to me, as I listed above.  Great thing about this album that I could probably listen to it all start to finish without having a problem.  Okay, I might skip Masshiroi ano Kumo, but that depends on how I feel lol.  SO!  What did you think about the album?


  1. Haha, I have to disagree with you about Masshiroi Ano Kumo - it was my favorite track from the album! XD But I'm a sucker for slow songs so...

    Personally I think the album is top-notch. BOMB BOMB JUMP is a fun song (I love the beginning), Joshikai The Night seems to be ~the epic~ track of the album (no wonder!) and Icchoume Rock is a fantastic song for concerts, I can see wota going wild. :D On the other hand Girls Times, Onna no Pride and Masshiroi Ano Kumo are softer and cuter songs (I love themmm ♥). Only thing that bugs me that they cut the super long, super amazing bridge from Magical Future. :( You can listen it here:
    MF was released on some Inazume CD a while back.

    Lol sorry for the long comment. ^^;

  2. Out of all the track songs, track 6 was the best for me. ;)

    I'd joshikai their nights if you catch my drift lol.

  3. I liked your Blog post :)

    And the new blog look. But where can i hear the songs :X

  4. I see now :P
    -I see nothing- XD

  5. Pastil - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! i loved reading it, it wasn't that long lol. You're right, it seems like "Joshikai The Night" is THAT song that everyone is gonna love the most.

    Kev - Yup. Every album has that one song on it that everyone agrees is the best, and I assume that's Joshikai the Night. And ew.

    Kylon - Thanks. I tried to get a bit creative as you could see lol.

    Melisa - wut? i'm confused XD

  6. I actually agree with your closing statement. This is a really strong album overall and I enjoyed listening to every song. Some will definitely get more plays than others, but that happens with any release.

  7. Yeah there's something about Berryz' ballads especially that are just too slow and too long.

    I've only heard short previews of each song though. Because I'm thinking of buying the Japanfiles CD version to support their trip out here since I won't be going to the Sakura con concert. :(