Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year and a new layout

First off let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Lets hope for the best in 2012 with plenty of Hello!Project goodness, starting with of course H!P Winter Tour 2012, Rock-chan and Funky-chan!

Lets see what kind of new greatness we're going to witness in the new year.

In 2011, we had a lot to endure, with 3 graduations, 10th generation of MM and 2nd generation of S/mileage.  I'm very curious what else is in store for us~

Speaking of which, Funky-chan and Rock-chan schedules looks something like this:

You probably noticed by now the new blog layout, and I must admit it was long overdue.  I hope you all like the new banner, and the lighter colored background.

Yesterday, on the 31st, was Yuuka's last day as a Hello!Project and S/mileage member.  Hopefully the new S/mileage will be strongly supported by everyone, and Yuuka will come back and watch future S/mileage and H!P concerts to visit all of her friends.


  1. Aikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  2. Happy New Year^^
    I love new banner, Aika~

  3. looks so much better. i will not miss the old background lol.