Thursday, December 15, 2011

Morning Musume New Single Outfits

Morning Musume's newest single scheduled for release on January 25th has some rather...interesting outfits.  It has not been officially confirmed yet, but according to many fellow Momusu followers, these will be the new single outfits.

Peeps anyone?

The outfits are hilarious in my opinion.  I kinda like the differentiation given to the members, seeing as Gaki as new leader gets the fanciest outfit, and the four senpai's in general get more accessories like the bows and necklaces.  It's funny how now it seems that Momusu is grouped by senpai's, kyuukies, and juukies, instead of 5th gen, 6th gen, and 8th gen.

Anyways, these outfits make me really curious as to how the single is going to sound, and how the PV is going to be, but with a title like Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, these outfits aren't too surprising!


  1. Wh-what is this? Ò_Ó
    Oh well, maybe it's cute :__D

  2. I find the outfits surprisingly cute, but IMO they only go well with the kyuukis & juukies ^^'

  3. .... I feel like this will be a kiddy song....Im may be 11 but id like kiddy song. I like he old Morning Musume! :(

  4. It is definitely a 'genki' song!!

    Here's a preview of the new single:

  5. Acutally I'm really happy about Morning Musume with 9th and 10th gen so far. I thought I would not be, but I'm not disapointed. The outfits are not so bad and I really like the preview!