Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aichan and Aika Haul

So I haven't lately told you about my new approach to buying H!P goods.  I've recently decided to stick to my oshimem (obviously Aika), and buy mostly her goods, instead of spending excess money on other members goods that I don't care for as much.

Full Momusu sets that I previously wouldn't dare split up i've become impartial to, really only caring for the Aika photo out of all of them.  My collection is currently going through some major reconstruction.  I'm buying and selling all over the place!  Sad thing is, that this all basically happened AFTER I spent money on goods that I sorta didn't want anymore ehehe ^^;

Either way, since i've basically lost track of what I bought, here's the (sorta) most recent things i've purchased:

This lot I bought during the Ai Believe concert...and I figured I needed two shirts >_>

The two below were also Ai Believe tour goods and Kono Chikyuu goods.
I figured I needed some Aichan stuff before she graduated haha.

Then I decided to buy a bunch more Aika photos to add to rapidly growing Aika L-size collection.

I really like my goods ok >__>

In other news: I added a poll to the blog, just for fun, to get you guys' perspectives on a few things.  First blog is simple enough right? What was your favorite C-ute song of the year?


  1. Awe~ No Ayumi...

  2. I love your collection, and obviously oshimen is always the priority!!! xD

    I´ve already voted ^^ this year was easy for me lol

  3. You're soo lucky Raffi! >.< I want what you had! Wish I could be your sister so I can take them and hide them in your room! xD

  4. Anon: Nope, but actually she's growing on me...maybe Ayumi will climb up in my ranking??

    CIA: Thanks! Yes yes, Oshi priority! Haha

    Hika: LOL. If you hid my stuff I would go crazy :p
    But then again, if you were my sister it would be SO easy to shop for your Christmas/Birthday presents xDD