Monday, December 12, 2011

Mobekimasu Sort Update

The ever entertaining game of Mobekimasu Sort has been once again updated, this time including S/mileage second generation and Morning Musume's 10th.  With that being said, the results this time have probably changed from the last time I had to choose my ranking.

I wonder if I surprised anyone? I sure surprised myself.  My top five hasn't really changed for a while, so that's no shock.  What is certainly different is that creeper Riho has found her way to spot number 11, just beating out Maimi and Dawa.  Fresh meat Meimi and Haruka have also found their ways into my top 15, just beating out rokkie member Sayumi.

Nothing is different about the bottom of my list.  Putting Momoko in dead least was an easy choice, but now she is accompanied by Haruna, which although I don't dislike, I disregard.  ManoEri has fallen from grace in my rankings because she doesn't hold my attention for very long.

Anyways, you should play too! If you dare...


  1. My top 3 was same, but number one is Gaki! :D

  2. oh Zukki is your favourite from 9th generation? just like me ^^ xD

    (and Chissa in TOP 10 yay! lol)

  3. Any further news on Aika? I see her up on her feet during a Ustream broadcast thinking she's fine now then the last Hello!Pro time MIA other then a brief glimpse of cruches when Momusu were getting off the bus. She may not be my favorite, but damn it I want Aika well & on that stage! I miss her! I feel as if we lost her as well as Ai of late 8(

  4. Shame on you for having Airi so low. *chases*

  5. Aika mentioned during that UStream broadcast that she would be back in action starting next year, so hopefully that means Jan.1 and not like April lol.