Friday, May 6, 2011

3x the Maji

For the release of Morning Musume's 45th single, Maji Desu Ka Ska, promotional posters have been sold.  This surely was a way to create excitement among fans waiting to see what the new look of Morning Musume was going to be.  During one of the tour dates of the Fantasy DX concert, everyone who attended and purchased a copy of the single received one of these posters.  The posters that they got were not your ordinary Maji Desu Ka Ska poster.  They were autographed by one member.  Each poster was distributed at random, and had the autograph of one Momusu member on it.

Soon after, wota's who apparently had multiple posters started selling them online.  When I saw them, I knew I had to get my hands on one of them.

Well...I got my hands on 3 of them. ^_^

Of course, I by all means necissary, I had to pickup an Aika autograph for myself:

After that, I decided to pick up Erina's and Mizuki's, because I knew friends who were willing to buy them off of me if I picked it up for them.

These posters are pretty awesome to say the least.  I guess I need to go get a frame for my Aika poster now, and figure out where I should put it, since there isn't much open space on my walls hehe.

Now, it can beautifully match the Aika signed Lullaby Game poster that I bought last time!