Friday, May 13, 2011

Chou! Wonderful Concert Tour

(a bit delayed, I know)

C-ute's spring tour cocnert Chou! Wonderful has released their goods list recently.  I like most of the goods.  The pictures are fantastic...but the shirts, which I was looking forward to the most, aren't my favorite kind of shirts.  I was expecting something freaking awesome cause the theme was so cool, but it was those handmade ones like they give out for members birthdays and stuff.  Still nice! But not something for me~

All I can say is...oh mah god metallic sets.  I'm sooo getting some!


  1. OH YES, THEY'RE DEFINITELY FANTASTIC!!! I'm just hoping to wait until the ones that my friend ordered come fast ;^; (sad that it can't make it to my b-day >~<) </3

  2. Ohhh i like cell phone straps and hoodies :O

  3. the hoodie is epic but its 65 bucks...also the phone straps are cool but id never hang it on my phone =/

  4. Cause my phone doesn't have the place for it xD
    And I don't like extra stuff on my phone lol

  5. if u buy something..can u get me anything Nakkyish or Suzukiness? XD

  6. My parent won't let me buy anything online since i'm to young! >:(
    And i really want one of those! I can't wait till i'm 13 or 15!
    *gose Nakkyish Alert*