Saturday, November 5, 2011

Berrikyuu DVD Mag Vol 2 - A Plot Summary

You may or may not have already read my previous post about Berryz & C-ute's DVD Magazine Volume 1, but either way, here is the continuation post, featuring (wait for it)...yes that's right folks, Berryz & C-ute DVD Magazine Volume 2!!

(just making sure you're paying attention)

We basically get to see the same thing we saw in Vol.1, but this time, with the other half of berikyuu.  They (mostly) part take in the same activities in the same museum that's centered around the workings of a military base.

We get to see Captain/Airi go nuts inside a fighter chopper simulator, which is a plus.

And we get to see Momoko fall under the weight of a 12kg backpack that's strapped to her.  I think we all realized that she's the least capable of protecting herself...let alone others...during a time of crisis.

At least she tried.

After laughing at her for a while, the girls were taken outside to meet up with the other half of the whole group for some boot camp.  The girls were shown all together how to side-crawl, just like I talked about in my previous post.

Not-so-surprisingly, the group got held back by Momoko's inability to follow directions.  For heavens sake, she wasn't even able to keep her hand straight for a salute.

Then again, I guess it IS pretty difficult to distinguish between these crazy things like left and right. MY RIGHT

After a few minor setbacks, we finally reach the dreaded wall.  It was no use trying to get any of the members over the 6 foot wall.  The instructor gave up after watching Momoko attempts.

Half a foot off the ground just isn't going to cut it.

Chisa then shows us how cool people take care of business.

After a tiring day out on the field, directors thought it would be funny to scare the girls with a musical chair's type of balloon popping game.

I must admit though, answering questions and trying to think is hard knowing that there's a ticking time bomb above your head lol.

As you can see, thing's got rather intense.

Luckily for Chinami, she prevailed, and won herself a honorable prize.

More chocolate cake in a can.

K bai.


  1. LOL. Thanks for the review.. XD

    I rather like that look on Momo.... The uniform and hairstyle and stuff (she looks good in it.. *surprised*) :O

  2. Thanks so much for this review :) The content of this DVD seems interesting :D I always enjoy watching girls struggling with tough tasks ^^