Sunday, February 20, 2011

Odds And Ends

Ugh, it's been like over a week since I've posted anything on this blog.  Every time I want to say something, I realize that there isn't much to talk about!  There hasn't been anything special going on in the H!P world these past few days/weeks.

What's there to talk about today?  Well, there's only a few things that I could think of.

Maimi e-mailed me telling me that she wanted to sing the song "That's the Power" to me.
That was unexpected!

Reina stopped by to tell me that I left my wristband at her house.
You can tell that it belongs to me right?
(well it does now)

I had to have a long talk with Aichan about her and her stalking issues.  I told her time after time, that she really shouldn't hide in my bathroom while I'm taking a shower.  It's just wrong.
(btw my bathroom wallpaper is SO much cooler then yours)