Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Awesomeness

So, finally, after like two months, the photosets that I ordered shipped to me.  I was happy to receive them.

Kinda funny though, that when I ordered them, I was so hyped up about Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and Fantasy!Jyuichi that I went crazy over the photos.  Now, two months later, they're still as awesome as ever, but it's no surprise that I wasn't as excited as I began.

Nevertheless, still awesome pictures!!  I don't regret buying them, that's a fact.

Of course, had to buy a bunch of Aika goodness:

 Of course some Linlin goodness:

Junjun and Eri looked so good...and it was their last single, so I was compelled:

 Then the L set with everyone looking awesome:

Oh yeah, and some Shining Power awesomenss to balance out the Momusu



  1. Nope not at all. I've my DVD's thank you. They are like pictures to, about 35 per second. Oh did I mention they have sound too? 8)>

  2. Why did you ask us anyway XD Of course we're JEALOUS :((

    Where did you buy these :-?

  3. when was I never jealous of Raffiko?!?!!? ;P

  4. Cyane - um. psh. whatevs.

    Aiko - HelloStoreUSA!! <33

    Melisa - XDDD

  5. ^

    Can you send me that link? :x I'm really looking forward to this :x I love to buy stuffs :x

    Btw, Raffi"ko"? Are you a girl? :-/


    and no, i'm not lol, and only Melisa calls me Raffiko

  7. Does this site ship? 0_0 Because I'm in Vietnam :D

  8. Btw, these are quite expensive 0.0 How can you boy a lot so much 0_0

  9. Yeah, the site does ship, and i'm pretty sure they ship to Vietnam. They ship to UK, so they should ship to you too, just it's going to be more expensive.