Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pocket Morning Bludners 2

Woo!  It's time for another round of Morning Musume's Pocket Morning Questions!  Let's see what the girls have answered for this weeks question.  This time, the question required a bit more critical thinking on the girls part, asking them where they would like to go if they had a car.  The members had to think really hard for this one.  Their answers showed just exactly what was on their minds, and how they really felt about things.

Question: If you could go for a drive alone, where would you go?
(Assuming you have a drivers license, of course)

Wow. What honesty from the girls.  The truth has never been so obvious!


  1. oh lol Raffiko XD I like some answers ;D

  2. I could totally see Kanon saying that

  3. Someday Riho is gonna make you regret those words Raffo lol

  4. If you had waited a few more days you could've said for Ai "To go to the hairdressers and ruin my beautiful my hair! So now I can easily pass as a boy on any given day." XD
    (I had a feeling she was going to try blonde, but not with such a drastic short cut! When she wearing one of her funky baggy outfits she seriously looks like a teenage boy! haha)
    I still love her, but yikes what a change!
    What are you thoughts?

  5. Haha yeah Aichan haircut is pretty gnarly. We've only seen a few blog pictures, but I really wonder how she's gonna look in professional pictures!