Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mobekimasu Sort

So, again, it's Wednesday night, and I'm sitting in class doing anything but listening to what's going on (i know i'm going to pay for that later on).  Anyways, I took the time to play this mobekimasu sort game that others before me have done.  It was quite mesmerizing, and i'm sure that I clicked on the wrong picture more then once lol.  I got quite fed up with clicking so many faces to be honest.  Also, I felt like the creator of this game picked some of the worst profile pictures (in my honest opinion) to represent the members.  Just saying.

My Results:

This all in all seemed correct, although there might be a few off here and there.  It really doesn't matter much though.  I'm sure by now you readers know who I like and who I don't!

In other news:

I've added two new pages to the blog where you can easily check the upcoming/current Hello!Project Concert Tours Setlist and Goods.  This way, when new or updated goods come out, I can put it there, without having to have scattered goods everywhere.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. hm...I think I approve with your ranking......

    and I love the new pages thingy :D
    good good x)

  2. Satan. Lolz. Hey raffo u should make the picture sin your post link to the pages cus they just send me to a tiny icon (:

  3. Sere no Sekai - thank you!

    Melisa - really? even though Erina is at the bottom?

    Kylon - i was thinking that but didn't feel like it cause its already on the side lol

  4. ^
    well...yeah...but Nakky.... you know... :P

  5. How can I make a table like you?

  6. I mean the table with English, and how to make the borders?

  7. Ohh I didn't really make it. I took the japanese version and put it into photoshop, deleted the japanese text, and wrote over it in english~

  8. ......but if you deleted, then the color part inside it should have deleted too~~~~
    how come yours doesn't look like it o_o

  9. It's easier when you did in Excel 0-0

  10. Melisa - you're right, the color parts get deleted too, but in photoshop you can copy the color and use the paint bucket tool to fill it back up, so it looks back to normal~