Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chou! Wonderful 6

It's been a long time coming, so i'm glad I finally found some time to write up this review!  Well, okay, i'm sitting in class at the moment, supposed to be taking notes, but writing this blog post is much more mind-stimulating.  At first, I wasn't too thrilled about this album, so i'm glad I lagged writing this review till now, since I got to listen to the new songs many many more times.  I've become quite fond of almost all the songs actually.  So, lets see how I felt about it overall?  I might even surprise myself.

[Tracks 3, 7, 9, and 11 are not mentioned because they are singles.]

Track 1: Chou! Wonderful
A very genki song to start the album off with.  It has a great upbeat rhythm to it, and the first time I heard it, it made me excited to hear what the rest of the album was going to sound like.  I love everyones voices in it, and it sounds like it’s going to make a great concert performance!  I liked the instrumental part a lot.  Sounds like there can be a lot of wota participation there.

Track 2: Midnight Temptation
Well for one thing, what an awesome title.  Midnight Temptation sounds like a name of a song in American pop culture.  Title aside, this track was pretty powerful too.  I guess like I said with Joshikai the Night of 7 Berryz Times, this is “that song” that everybody loves the most on the album.  I loved the intro as well.  It reminded me of the prolonged intro of Moonlight Night that was the opening act of Momusu’s PikaPika concert.  I can’t wait to see this performed.

Track 4: Iza Susume, Steady Go!
Woo!  Go Nakky!  It just felt genuinely good to hear her be a lead for a song.  Things just sounded right.  She had a really great sound in the song.  It’s not one of my favorites, because I feel like it’s somewhat repetitive.  I don’t really have much to say about this song other then it’s fun, upbeat, and…Nakky.

Track 5: Rururururu
Ah, so we come to what I like to call “that slow song” of the album.  Every album needs a ballad I suppose, but it’s not my preferred choice of direction.  The song was great, and Airi sounded fantastic in it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the song all together, but it’s not something that I’m going to listen to unless I’m about to fall asleep lol.  Great song though!

Track 6: Wakaretakunai...
For some reason, I absolutely fell in love with this song.  It took a few listens for me to fall for it, but I’m glad I did.  I adore how the song starts, and love the beat.  Chisa’s voice is so flawless and clear.  This song sort of reminds me of her singing Uchuu de La Ta Ta during the Dance Special Concert medley (go check it out if you haven’t).  Some say that this song gets repetitive, but I don’t think so.  I think it’s just great.  I’m not too big a fan of the chorus, but Chissa’s parts dominate that for me.

Track 8: Circle
Aww what a cute song!  The melody is very soft and subtle which is a nice change.  Soothing, actually.  Mai’s voice matches the beat of the song in my opinion.  It was a good pairing.  I like the song, but it’s not one of my favorites, even though it’s fun and enjoyable to listen to.  It’s such a bubbly song!  It’s a very Maimai song.  Okay I’ll stop describing now.

Track 10: 3 Ban Home 3 Ryoume
Okay, retarded name aside, this song wasn’t that bad…but in my opinion it wasn’t that great either.  To me, it wasn’t very memorable.  It’s something that I would skip if it came up on my shuffle, unless I wanted something to fall asleep to.  Not saying that that’s a bad thing though.  Maimi sounded good in it, but it’s not something that sung to me.  Not one of the better tracks.

SO.  Now you all know how I felt about this album.  Did any of my picks surprise you?   I was surprised about how much I fanboy'd over Chissa's song.  Not that i'm complaining though.  All in all, I found this album quite enjoyable, and i'll be replaying these songs for quite some time over again.

Which were some of your favorites?


  1. I like rurururururururururururu the best

    but the whole album is full of win

  2. I totally agree that Midnight Temptation and Wakaretakunai... are awesome songs!!
    I also like 3 Ban Home 3 Ryoume - I think it'll be a perfect song for summertime! XD

  3. I love the Chisato lead the best <3

  4. Chris - that doesn't surprise me.

    Nono - arent they? i really love them. and i kinda see what you mean by a summer song XD

    Kylon - that is surprising actually.

    oh and I see Chisa took the two crowns :P
    but if you ask me for fav. song out of the album, I'll have to say Midnight Temptation ;) <3

  6. ^Like her, i love Wakaretakunai and iza susume steady go (only member feature songs).

    Then, Midnight temptation is just perfect.

    I can´t wait for the next concert tour :D

    it could be my fav album since the 4th ^^

  7. Whats surprisin..I...I..have no idea what you are talking about...:X

  8. Melisa - LOL you're right I didn't notice that I did that X)


    Kylon - Don't you not-like Chisa? That's why I was surprised that you liked Wakaretakunai.

  9. ^
    haha maybe seems like he doesn't hate her anymore XD